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Weight Loss and Nutrition Advisor About Simran Saini

Simran Saini is a weight loss consultant heading the Weight loss through Diets Department with the Fortis Group of Hospitals. She has been working with Fortis – Shalimar Baghand has an established practice at private clinics. Over an extensive practice of 6 years she has helped many to lose weight the right way.

From changing lifestyle and eating habits to evoking a new and positive personality in a being is the prime expertise of her forte. With medically supervised weight loss programs she has helped many overcome disorders like Diabetes, Hypertension and High Cholesterol Levels in a manner simple yet impressive. This has helped her propagate how food plays a major part in your healing during many health related conditions.

Her programs are patient centered well fabricated to inculcate good eating habits for life. She studied Dietary Therapy from the Institute of Health Sciences at Dublin, Ireland. Apart from being a good weight loss consultant she is sensitive towards her patients and maintains patient privacy. She has many articles appearing in leading newspapers and magazines where she propagates her health mantra to all.

Simran’s HEALTH MANTRA says :

1. RETHINK and eat healthy
2. REFUSE to eat wrong
3. REDUCE in the right way

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During QuickStart

The food component of the program consists of a low-calorie diet designed especially for you. You will be provided with the high-nutrient foods designed for rapid, safe weight loss. And with behavioralcounseling, you’ll start to learn that you really do have more control over your decisions than you may have believed.

The Transition phase

You'll have lost weight and notice a difference in how you look and feel. The weight loss consultant will continue to prescribe a nutritional low calorie diet for you, but you will also start to add more of the foods you love back into your daily routine. The consultant will also monitor your levels of activity and continue to counsel you on making sound, healthy decisions.

The Maintenance phase

You've reached your personal weight loss goal! You're enjoying making smart meal choices; you're more active, leading a healthier life. It's the beginning of a life-long new you. Apart from the traditional method of diets there are surgical procedures for those who are interested in liposuction or bariatric surgery

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Weight loss

1 Month

  • Weight loss diets are practical, balanced
  • Approx 4 kgs weight loss per month
  • For all age groups
  • No medicine no machine use required

Weight loss

2 Month

  • Diets customised for females
  • Emphasis on weight correction
  • Increasing intake of antioxidants
  • eating healthy to balance hormones

Weight loss

3 Month

  • Diets customised to improve heart health
  • Weight loss if required
  • Help in supporting correction of lipid profile
  • Correction of cholesterol levels